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The Hastings Highlands Public Library has achieved the honour of becoming an Accredited Ontario Public Library! Hastings Highlands Public Library is proud of this achievement, and will work to maintain these high Provincial Standards of Service, Administration and Infrastructure.




New Electronic Resources

magnifyingLooking for a dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, encyclopedia or other reference materials online? This page provides links to a variety of online reference tools. The "Collections" listed below will lead to a vast array of resources; both general and specialized.

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The library provides a wide variety of materials including: videos, books, magazines, large-print books, books on CD, and more...! There is up to date reading material for both children and adults. These materials are recorded in our automated library system which makes searching for a title very easy to do.

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Friends Wanted

Friends Wanted! Support the Library or Centre Programming.  Contact Library staff for details.

Kids Space

Reading, Rhyming and Running Around, Creative Kids, Youth Volunteers, Inspiration Station.

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The Library subscribes to several online databases for your convenience.

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