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Library Membership

Membership will be granted to individuals who provide verification of address and identification by showing a document bearing his/her name and current address. Only members of the library in good standing will be allowed to borrow library materials. Materials may be borrowed by either presenting the membership card or valid identification.  Membership is not transferable to other individuals. The card is the property of the Hastings Highlands Public Library and must be returned on request. Loss or theft of a card must be reported immediately; members are responsible for any materials borrowed on their cards until loss or theft is reported. Change of address, name or phone number must be reported immediately. Membership expires annually.  Renewal requires verification of the member’s name, address, telephone number and payment of outstanding monies owed to the library. Membership can be suspended for violating library policies.

Centre Bookings

For Library of Centre Programs please Click on the ‘Calendar’ tab of this website to see a listing of scheduled events. Please note all public events are cancelled on Statutory Holidays. Rentals for Hastings Highlands Centre and other Hastings Highlands Community Centres are done through the Municipality at 613 338-2811 or Bookings are confirmed upon completion of the application, including all relevant support documentation, such as insurance or permits, and payment in full.


The Hastings Highlands Public Library Board endorses the use of the Internet as an essential source of information to complement traditional library collections. The Internet functions in an unregulated, global environment and, therefore, provides access to a wide variety of resources over which the library has no control. This policy establishes the provision of public network services to access the Internet and the acceptable use of these services.Policy # OP07-Internetop07


Online Resources

The Library subscribes to several online databases for your convenience.

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